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Seize the summer job search with our Job Search Expert's tips. 

By Ryan Galloway

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The myth that hiring slows down in the summer is just that: a myth. It’s impossible to know where that old line comes from, but buying into it can be incredibly damaging to your job search. While hiring within certain industries and fields can vary seasonally, simply writing off three months of the year will put your job search way behind those of your savvier peers. In fact, summer may be the best time to look since so many otherwise-active jobseekers are the taking the season off.

This doesn’t mean that your summer has to be spent indoors, finessing resumes and scanning job boards. There are plenty of ways to balance an engaged job search with the summer lounging you deserve. Amanda Augustine, TheLadders’ resident job search expert, has discussed this very topic on CBS New York. Her top five tips for seizing the summertime job search are:

Get your resume ready

TheLadders conducted research that shows you only get 6 seconds for the recruiter to decide if you’re a fit for the job. You’re 40% more likely to land the job you want with a professionally written resume. There are number of companies out there that provide this type of service, including TheLadders.

Perfect your personal brand

Make a list of all the sites where you have a profile set up. If you plan to use them for personal purposes, increase the security settings so recruiters can’t stumble across it. If it’s for professional use, make sure it’s up to date and in alignment with your resume.

Party with a purpose

Summer is all about BBQs, baseball games, beach parties – each of these events is an opportunity to network. Keep your business cards handy at all times, and practice your elevator pitch with everyone you meet.

Quench their thirst

A lot of people take time off during the summer. But for those who are in the office, workloads tend to be lighter. If you know someone in a company or industry that’s of interest to you, this is the perfect time to take them out for a cup of iced coffee and pick their brain. For a couple bucks, you can gain invaluable information for your job search.

Set summer hours

Just because the kids are on summer vacation doesn’t mean you get to take a break from your job search. Setting summer hours is really all about allocating time for your job search, and sticking to that schedule.

Slacking this summer will mean missing out on opportunities that your more aggressive peers are capitalizing on. Instead, follow these tips to be set up for success by September!

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